Contoh Disscusion ( Diskusi Bhs.Inggris )

Posted: January 3, 2011 in Contoh diskusi bhs.inggris



polygamy is a social construction of culture in domestic institutions that have formed long ago. Indonesia is one country yangmembolehkan based undand polygamy – marriage law No. 1 1974, which mentions that the husband may make a marriage with another woman if you qualify – the specified requirements of the wife is not capable of running an obligation, a disability or disease entity that can not be cured, or can not produce offspring. for civil servants is also considered NO.45 PP PP tahun1990 about no revision, in 1983 about 10 years of marriage and divorce license for civil servants. Muti hatta, Minister of Women Empowerment, said that the scope of Regulation No. 45 tahun1990 this will be expanded to the state officials, government officials, members of the Armed Forces, and members of the DPR / DPRD.

talk about polygamy, which is often discussed and studied the religious aspects are always raised as an umbrella or not be done. But rarely discussed other aspects such as sociology, psychology, and / or economics. whereas if polygamy is seen from the various sides of view, the study of polygamy would be more interesting and more complete, in relation to planning policy, especially policy on the protection of wives and produced children.

Various factors underlying cause of suspected prektek – the practice of polygamy, such as infidelity, poverty, and social construction, culture, and religion. dipoligami women willing to get out of poverty, but many cases it shows that polygamy raises a new poverty, when the economic and psychological penelataran against one of the dipoligami wife. This same thing also happened because women do not fear being branded by the surrounding community, so willing to dipoligami to avoid that status in society.

Based on this – it is in the discussion above this will be reviewed 4 discussion topics that are considered attractive, both in the causes and factors insituisi impact on families, as well as from a social perspective, economic, and demographer. From the results of these discussions is expected to provide input to policy makers such as State Minister of the woman, the Coordinating Minister, Minister of Religion as well as a provider of data BP5.
Dr.Nina nurmita’s opinion
1.Faktor cause of polygamy and its impact on families.

The results showed that different factors cause of polygamy among men with women. For male factor among the causes of polygamy is adultery, religious understanding, the needs of sex, social and cultural construction. For women willing to polygamy because it factors in the economic incapacity, religious understanding which states that polygamy is the apostles and the sunna of the Shari’a, fear the cap as a spinster, attraction to physical conditions, fell in love and willing in polygamy.

The impact of polygamy on the family shows that there is difference in the treatment of husband and wife – his wife where the wife is usually the most frequent parent receiving treatment was reduced adil.selain no rights – economic rights, care and affection for both the first wife or the children of birth. Polygamy also results in many divorce cases, because the old wife was not willing to at polygamy, thus economic, social and psychological usually accompany their wives and their children.

Prof.Dr.achmad fedyani saifuddin’s opinion
2.Poligami in economic perspective


Economic consequences of polygamy are able to provide dowries for life force, able to do justice and be able to manage the wealth of the orphan and do not take their property. able to provide dowries means affluent and willing to give life and prosperity for his wife and all family members owned. able to do justice is to be a family that is peaceful, full of love saying that based on a sense of sincerity. able to manage the wealth of the orphan in the sense that management has equipped and how to manage finances and a reliable investment.

Dr.Prijono tjiptoherijanto’s opinion

3. religious factor


Polygamy is not a command Almighty god, because polygamy should be understood thoroughly and closely related to the circumstances and situation.


1. Polygamous marriage is a form of highly complex therein which affects many aspects.
2. Polygamy in the Islamic religion is allowed, but not recommended, especially for men – men who       can not behave fairly, whether economic, social, psychology and love.

3. Polygamy is also one of the causes of increasing divorce rates in Indonesia.
4. Polygamy brings negative impact on the psychological impact of the first wife and children


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